The sadness of single parenting?… A 35kg actress who exploded with 6 words

Actress Shin Ji-soo confessed her feelings these days, creating a sense of pity.

Shin Ji-soo recently left a three-sentence message on her Instagram story without a picture. In particular, there were only 6 letters in the sentence that said “The vacation is long”, but there was also the sadness of parenting.

She shared her thoughts, “The vacation is long. I was really selfish when I was a child, who was disappointed that the vacation for one or two months was short. But why did I become nice?” Shin Ji-soo has a 5-year-old daughter. The complicated feelings of a mother with a child, who is spending her kindergarten summer break, were revealed.

Shin Ji-soo is known to be in charge of raising her daughter after marriage. When appearing on JTBC’s “Haebang Town” in December last year, she revealed the hardships of single parenting, causing regret. She also confessed that she reduced to 37kg due to childbirth and childcare. Recently, she added shock by certifying that her weight decreased to 35kg.

Shin Ji-soo married composer Lee Ha-yi in 2017 and they have one daughter.

Source: wikitree

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