‘Establishing Dominance’ – Behind-the-Scenes Cut Posted by Park Yeon-jin from ‘The Glory’ Leaves Viewers Intimidated

Actress Lim Ji-yeon drew attention by revealing behind-the-scenes cuts from the final episode of Netflix’s “The Glory”.

On the 19th, actress Lim Ji-yeon posted two photos on her Instagram with the caption “Establishing dominance.”

In the photos, Lim Ji-yeon is posing in a prisoner uniform with a correctional facility in the background.

On that day, she captivated the audience with a sinister expression, as if fully immersing herself in the role of Park Yeon-jin, a school violence perpetrator in the drama.

The glory Lim Ji Yeon

Furthermore, her unfocused gaze with dilated pupils as she looked into the camera also captured the attention of the viewers.

Upon seeing the photo, netizens commented on Lim Ji-yeon’s Instagram, saying “Yeon-jin, let’s live a good and happy life in the next life”, “Your acting was really the best”, “Yeon-jin, you are perfect for the role”, “Your expression is scary”, “I support your truly impressive acting skills.”

Lim Ji-yeon recently played the role of Park Yeon-jin in Netflix’s “The Glory”, delivering a remarkable performance.

She led the school violence in the drama and eventually paid the price for her actions, facing charges of murder and other crimes.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” Part 2 took the top spot in the global TV show category, surpassing 100 million hours of viewing time just three days after its release on the 10th.

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