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Lee Joon-ho, “I was too immersed in my character that I got white nose hair, lost weight and felt like throwing up”

2PM member – actor Lee Joon-ho confessed the thing that happened when he was too immersed in his drama character.

Lee Joon-ho guested on tvN’s entertainment show “You Quiz on the Block” on June 29th.

On this day, MC Yoo Jae-seok introduced, “Lee Joon-ho lost 16kg to portray the sensitive side of Crown Prince Yi San in ‘The Red Sleeve’. During the filming of ‘Rain or Shine’, Lee Joon-ho rented a one-room apartment in Busan and stayed there with all the curtains closed even in the daytime for 5 months straight.”

Lee Jun-ho white nose hair

Lee Joon-ho said, “I did. I can’t switch from my on and off mood right away. I’m not the type who easily gets immersed into my character right when the shoot begins. In a way, I’m still quite slow. I did all that things because I thought I should keep the atmosphere that way in my daily life.”

Lee Jun-ho

He added, “The character Kang-doo in ‘Rain or Shine’ is poor. In the drama, he even lives with a time limit. As I experienced it indirectly, I had white nose hair. I was so stressed out. Every time I slept, I sweat a bucket of sweat. I was so immersed in the character that I kept losing weight and felt like throwing up. I filmed the drama in Busan for 5 months. I have never been there again since the filming finished. But I still think bothering myself in that way is better for me.”

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