Jisoo’s fansign: from April’s Fool joke with Lisa, Rosé’s ruined surprise, to a tattoo? 

Hilarious accounts from fans who attended BLACKPINK Jisoo’s event on April 1st have been unveiled, drawing attention

After releasing her solo album “ME” on March 31st, BLACKPINK Jisoo appeared at a fan event on April 1st, which coincides with April’s Fool day, and had a lot of fun interaction with fans. 

First, Jisoo revealed that she got her driver’s license 2 years ago, and teased that the “ChaengChu Vlog” will have a “confidential content” where Rosé did something for Jisoo. 

blackpink jisoo

According to Jisoo, she will perform both “Flower” and “All Eyes On Me” for the music-show pre-recording on April 2nd, but “All Eyes On Me” will not be performed at Coachella. 

Then, Jisoo recalled when Rosé visited her during the filming for “Flower”. Apparently, Rosé wanted to surprise Jisoo and came to the airport to greet her and filmed the welcome, but Jisoo accidentally learned of the plan beforehand. As a result, the planned video fell through and cannot be uploaded. 

blackpink jisoo

Unwilling to give up, Rosé created a plan to surprise Jisoo at the filming set this time, but a staff member accidentally told Jisoo, so the surprise was ruined again. 

Afterwards, Jisoo also revealed that since it is April’s Fool day, she was planning on having another member attend the fan event on her stage. Then, when asked which member she had in mind, Jisoo said Lisa’s name. 

Jisoo also said that she also has a temporary tattoo like Rosé. Though it is already fading, it was a heart. 

Finally, Jisoo said that she only needed one take to film the scene where she tore her pearl necklace in the “Flower” MV.

Source: Twitter

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