Korean Series Worth Watching on Netflix After Squid Game

Following the success of Squid Game, Netflix Korean series have gotten a lot of attention these days!

Korean movie fans are now ecstatic to be able to not only watch movies on their favorite TV channels, but also to enjoy high-quality works on Netflix. Following the huge success of Squid Game, Korean movies set to air on this platform have gotten a lot of attention. Here are some must-see movies that will be available on Netflix in the near future.

My Name

This October, on the 15th, the audience will be treated to an eight-episode action, dramatic, and suspenseful series titled My Name. This series garners attention thanks to the presence of new generation beauty Han So Hee and male actor Ahn Bo Hyun. 

Han So Hee will have a completely different image in My Name. She’ll go in search of the truth about her father’s death, as well as a way to put an end to the feud. The content appears to be very interesting, and with Han So Hee acting in a new image, My Name will undoubtedly be on the must-watch list of dramaholics this October.


On November 19, more than a month after the release of My Name, Hellbound, a six-episode series, will also be officially available on Netflix. The drama stars top actors such as Yoo Ah In, Kim Hyun Joo, and Park Jung Min. Hellbound, rated 15+, will tell the terrifying story of a fantasy version of Earth, wherein supernatural creatures suddenly materialize to drag humans to Hell.

The Silent Sea

Netflix knows how to please Korean movie fans, as they will release a new movie every month until the end of this year. The Silent Sea doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but it’s already been confirmed to be out in December. The cast of My Name and Hellbound are both impressive, but they still pale in comparison to The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea is produced by Jung Woo Sung with the participation of Gong Yoo, Bae Doo Na, Lee Joon, Heo Sung Tae, Kim Sun Young. Also, with 8 episodes, The Silent Sea has the potential to be as successful as Squid Game, and if it is, it will cap off a fantastic year for the Korean film industry.

Juvenile Justice

Not only action, fantasy or drama films, but Netflix has also strongly produced movies that focus on Korean social issues.  Juvenile Justice starring Kim Hye Soo, Kim Moo Yeol, Lee Sung Min, Lee Jung Eun… is such a movie as it refers to two different attitudes of lawyers towards juvenile offenders.

The drama is expected to be released in January 2022. 

All Of Us Are Dead

After Extracurricular, Netflix continues to bring Korean movie lovers a work with a school context but the content is not very bright.  All Of Us Are Dead is adapted from the web manga Now At Our School, about a group of friends trying to survive when trapped in the school and everyone around has been turned into zombies.

At first glance, this film appears to be a cross breed of the survival film and the zombie genre, similar to Train To Busan. Because the actors are all young faces, viewers will undoubtedly be intrigued. All Of Us Are Dead is also set to be released in January 2022.

Love And Leashes

Love and Leashes tells an unconventional romance story between a man with unique tastes and a woman who unintentionally finds out about his secret. The movie is helmed by Park Hyeon Jin who directed “Lovers of 6 Years” and “Like for Likes.” With the appearance of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young, Love and Leashes attracts a lot of attention from Kpop fans. 

The movie will be available on Netflix in February 2022. 

Sources: dienanh

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