“The scale can make us lose our sense of reality“… Rain – Kim Tae-hee selected as No.1 in “celebrities who flex expensive real estate”

Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW” drew attention by unveiling the list of stars with the most expensive real estate. In particular, Kim Tae-hee and Rain couple was named for No.1.

On the latest broadcast of “TMI NEWS SHOW”, which aired on May 18th, with theme of “Stars who flex expensive real estate”, cast members and guests spent time finding out about the real estate purchases of celebrities. BTOB members Eun-kwang and Min-hyuk joined TMI Show as guest reporters.

Kim Taehee Bi Rain

Rain and Kim Tae-hee, who bought a building worth 92 billion won, topped the chart. The building jointly purchased by Kim Tae-hee and Rain is located near Gangnam Station, which is known as the No.1 commercial district, and its price is expected to rise significantly in the future.

The building has two basement floors and 8 ground floors. Since various companies are leasing offices in this building, the profit Kim Tae-hee and Rain earned from the monthly rent alone is known to be about 200 million won. 

Kim Taehee Bi Rain

In addition, the two continued to show off their extraordinary wealth by purchasing a townhouse located in Irvine, the U.S worth about 2.4 billion won.

Kim Taehee Bi Rain

After revealing the whole chart, Boom exclaimed, “The chart was reorganized, doesn’t it become so deep?”. Min-hyuk was surprised at the huge scale of stars’ real estate, saying “I can’t stop laughing because this makes me lose my sense of reality.”

Kim Taehee Bi Rain

Kim Tae-hee and Rain’s impressive real estate has always been a hot topic. In 2008 Rain sold a building he purchased at 16.8 billion won for 49.5 billion won, making a profit of 32.7 billion and emerging as a “real estate investment genius”. Kim Tae-hee also sold the building she bought with 13.2 billion won for 20.3 billion won last year, earning 7.1 billion won in profit.

Kim Taehee Bi Rain

Meanwhile, BTOB’s Eun-kwang and Min-hyuk appeared on the show as TMI guest reporters and showed off their sense of entertainment. The two caught the eyes of viewers from the beginning of the show by revealing various TMI of themselves in the “TMI Challenge” section, which was introduced for the first time on “TMI NEWS SHOW”. When asked about his first impression of member Eun-kwang, Min-hyuk said, “He’s not in our team, right?”, drawing laughter. 

Source: Daum, Insight

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