Lee Hyo Ri surprised to know Hyuna’s age, “You did not get close to us in the waiting room”

Singer Hyuna made a special appearance on “Dancing Queens on the Road”.

Episode 11 of tvN’s program “Dancing Queens on the Road”, which aired on August 3rd, revealed the first part of their Seoul concert, their last dancing journey.

On the day of the concert, Hyuna visited Uhm Jung Hwa’s waiting room. Uhm Jung Hwa shouted, “Everyone, Hyuna is here. She’s so pretty”, showing her affection for Hyuna. Seeing Hyuna, Lee Hyo Ri asked, “Why did you look much younger?”. Embarrassed by the sudden compliment, Hyuna got embarrassed. She replied, “Only if I don’t wear makeup”.


Surprised by the fact that Hyuna is 32 years old, Lee Hyo Ri exclaimed, “You’re only 32 years old despite having been active for 17 years?”. Hyuna confessed, “When I got to the broadcasting stations, everyone there is half my age. No one is around my age”.

Lee Hyo Ri then jokingly said, “You also didn’t get close to us when we came. You made it difficult and stood all alone in the waiting room”. Hearing that, Uhm Jung Hwa recalled the past, saying “Hyori, you only came to meet me when you turned 30.”


Lee Hyo Ri responded, “I released U-Go-Girl when I was in my 30s”, boasting about her hit song. Hyuna then revealed that she often makes video calls with Uhm Jung Hwa, showing off their extraordinary friendship.

Source: Daum

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