Lee Hyo Ri, from wrinkles around eyes to freckles… Why is a daily life photo more beautiful than full makeup photos?

Lee Hyo Ri’s confidence is more beautiful than anything.

Lee Sang Soon released a photo of his wife Lee Hyo Ri‘s daily life on Dec 5th.

In the photo, Lee Hyo Ri is sleeping with her dog in her arms. It is a close-up photo showing not only wrinkles around her eyes but also freckles, but it is more beautiful than full makeup pictures. Although Lee Hyo Ri does not seem to reject the passing of time, her unique charm, which has deepened along with her wisdom of life, is captured in this photo, drawing attention.

Lee Hyori

Meanwhile, Lee Hyo Ri will appear on tvN’s “Canada Check-in”.

“Canada Check-in (directed by Kim Tae Ho and Kang Ryung Mi/written by Choi Hye Jung/production company TEO)” is a program about Lee Hyo Ri, who has been volunteering for abandoned dogs for over 10 years, leaving for Canada to meet the dogs that got adopted overseas. It will air at 10:40 PM on Dec 17th.

Source: daum

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