Lee Hyo Ri, “Canada Check-in” in December… “A trip with abandoned dogs”

Singer Lee Hyo Ri will return with a new entertainment show “Canada Check-in”.

The production team of tvN’s “Canada Check-in” confirmed that the program will premiere at 10:40 PM on Dec 17th. Following “Seoul Check-in”, they will head to Canada this time.

“Canada Check-in” is a program about the journey to Canada. They are going to meet the dogs that got adopted overseas.

lee hyori

Lee Hyo Ri has been volunteering for abandoned dogs for over 10 years. She missed and was curious about the recent status of the dogs she had a relationship with.

She took advantage of her one-month vacation to put her wishes into practice. She even planned “Canada Check-in” herself. She heralded a special trip with the dogs.

The first teaser was released. Lee Hyo Ri could not hide her excitement from the moment she left for the vacation. She smiled with delight and shed tears of joy as she was overwhelmed with emotions.

lee hyori

The program is expected to give a warm resonance with sincerity. Lee Hyo Ri expressed her special feelings, “I think I’ll become a fan of this show. I’ll replay it until the day I die.”

Lee Hyo Ri enjoyed traveling after a long time. She enjoyed various activities such as visiting homes where dogs were adopted, driving a total of 15,000km, surfing, shopping and camping.

lee hyori

PD Kim Tae Ho said, “At Lee Hyo Ri’s request, we were able to accompany her on a special trip. It was a valuable opportunity for the production team.”

He added, “It’s a Lee Hyo Ri-style trip to Canada in a camping car. There are various fun and touching feelings from deep communion between humans and animals.”

Source: Dispatch

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