Lee Han Byul describes her life before ‘Mask Girl’, “There are no part-time jobs that I haven’t done”

Rising star Lee Han Byul talked about her life as an actress before and after starring in “Mask Girl

Lee Han Byul, a new actress who impressed viewers with her acting in Netflix’s original series “Mask Girl”, revealed her current situation in an interview.

Lee Han Byul

“Mask Girl” was released on August 18th and it immediately topped the Worldwide Top 10 (non-English) TV Show and entered Top 10 in 72 countries. Despite the huge success of the drama, the life of the main character actress Lee Han Byul has not changed much.

Lee Han Byul shared, “Before filming ‘Mask Girl’, I lived in a house with a deposit of 2 million won and a monthly rent of 400,000 won. My situation hasn’t changed much even after the release of the drama”. 

She added, “There are no part-time jobs that I haven’t done. I used to work in cafes, convenience stores, bakeries, and more. There were times when my postpaid transportation card almost got cut off due to tight living expenses. I once lived in a place where I could hardly see the sun and my laundry didn’t dry for a week”.

lee han byul

Despite difficulties in life, Lee Han Byul continues to pursue acting and finally received a good opportunity to appear in “Mask Girl” after living as an unknown for 10 years. It all started when the casting manager at an advertising company told Lee Han Byul to join the audition after seeing her profile. The actress reportedly spent four months doing various non-face-to-face and face-to-face auditions. 

The actress shared, “I got to know about ‘Mask Girl’ audition at the time I was worried about real money problems. I had to give up my part-time job and used all my savings to prepare for the audition”. In the end, she successfully passed the audition with a high competition rate of 1000:1.

Lee Han-byul

Lee Han Byul also talked about her makeup as Kim Mo Mi and expressed great affection for the character, which is her first leading role. She said, “I felt sorry for Mo Mi after reading the script”.

Lee Han Byul played Kim Mo Mi before undergoing plastic surgery, while Nana played Kim Mo Mi in her 30s and Go Hyun Jung portrayed Kim Mo Mi in her middle age. Regarding the experience of working with Nana and Go Hyun Jung, Lee Han Byul said, “I met the two during the script reading and they took great care of me. I was very excited to act in such a friendly environment”.

Lastly, the actress expressed her determination to continue acting and challenging various characters and genres, saying “Please look forward to seeing what kind of an actress I will become in the future”.

Source: Nate

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