Burning Sun victim suddenly asked Hyoyeon to tell the truth, revealing a series of related stars

Up to now, Hyoyeon (SNSD) and SM Entertainment have not responded to this incident.

On January 12, Kim Sang Kyo, who denounced the incident at the Burning Sun nightclub, brought a series of shocking truths about Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, suddenly posted  1 new post on personal Instagram.  The content of this article made netizens stunned.

Specifically, Kim Sang Kyo uploaded photos of Hyoyeon (SNSD), asserting that the female idol witnessed the entire incident where he was assaulted and that other celebrities used drugs.  But Hyoyeon did not denounce and now Kim Sang Kyo asked the female idol to confess all the facts.

Burning Sun victim suddenly asked Hyoyeon
Burning Sun victim suddenly asked Hyoyeon

Here is what he said:

“#letmeaskyousomething on that day, who was the actress that was drooling because of all the drugs that she took. Who is she that even the police officers couldn’t even come into the club. You were a VVIP member so I’m sure you saw it all, right Hyoyeon? Was the actress who was on drugs Ms. H or Ms. G. The guy who assaulted me while he was high on drugs was Seungri’s friend. You guys know it was that drug addict so why don’t you confess now since there’s not much time left.”

Before the scandal broke out, Hyoyeon went to Burning Sun nightclub several times to play music as a DJ.  The female idol was fiercely criticized for being at Burning Sun on the night that Kim Sang Kyo was assaulted.

Burning Sun victim suddenly asked Hyoyeon

Kim Sang Kyo continued to reveal more truths about this showbiz scandal: “Why did he assault me instead of a VVIP. Who is related to the Bitcoin Private Equity Fund. Why did the Gangnam VVIP celebrity who is related to the Octagon Club just watch while I was assaulted? There’s a lot of celebrities who are caught up in the Burning Sun Scandal and it’s only a matter of time before they’re all revealed. Unless you guys just come forward. Even now, I’m sure you are all hiding in a house somewhere doing all the drugs while filming it. Your chance is limited now.”

Kim Sang Kyo ended the post with a message for former BIGBANG member – Seungri: “Gwangju’s son, Seungri. I’m waiting for you to be discharged from the military. I have a list of all you guys in my notebook. Unless you want me to reveal things one by one, I’ll be waiting for your apologies and requests for forgiveness. It’s your choice. All the training that the Blue House has received is being used on all you Burning Sun guys. #howdareyourunawaylikelittlerats #ìyoustarteditletsfinishit”

Burning Sun victim suddenly asked Hyoyeon

Kim Sang Kyo’s post is making people extremely confused.  Up to now, both Hyoyeon and SM Entertainment have yet to speak up about this incident.

Sources: kenh14

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