This is the biggest reason helped Big Hit convince BTS to sign the contract

And perhaps this is also a factor that helps BTS can make great progress as today.

Big Hit has recently announced that BTS will extend their contract with the company. Although BTS debuted in June 2013, and the contract between the group and Big Hit is still more than a year away, but the “global group” has decided to extend their contract with the company. The new contract will be effective for 7 years.

As can be seen, BTS place complete trust to their current company. Many netizens said that the reason why the “global group” continues to maintain the contract with Big Hit is because the company has a large team and dedicated support for 7 members of BTS.

In a statement, the company said, “After discussions with BTS, we decided to re-sign the contract so that the group can do activities steadily over the next seven years. We have 100 staffs to serve BTS, and we will do our best to support BTS effectively and efficiently. “

BTS extended their contract with Big Hit.

As can be seen, BTS is currently the only artist of Big Hit. The company’s full potential to support BTS is a natural and inevitable thing. This is considered as an important factor for all seven members of BTS to agree to extend the contract with Big Hit.

Currently, BTS is not just a group within Korean market, but is gradually advancing in the US-UK market and around the world. Therefore, the staff of 100 employees that Big Hit mentioned will certainly be a solid support to help BTS continue to conquer the new record in the future.

Big Hit is a company that has been supporting and standing side by side with BTS in the years when the group entered Kpop industry
And now, BTS continues to choose to stay with Big Hit to write new records

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