Lee Do Hyun’s whereabouts in military with short hair & red badge revealed

New photos of actor Lee Do Hyun after enlisting in the military draw attention.

On August 30th, photos of actor Lee Do Hyun training in the army were released on the website of the Republic of Korea Air Force’s Basic Military Training Unit.

lee do hyun miliraty

One of the released pictures shows Lee Do Hyun proudly doing a salute in front of fellow soldiers as a representative. The name tag with his real name Lim Dong Hyun and the red badge for field worker on his shoulder caught the eyes of netizens.

In another photo, Lee Do Hyun took off his hat and smiled brightly. With his young face and short hair, Lee Do Hyun stands out among the soldiers. He was also seen playfully touching the head of a fellow soldier and showing his signature dimple smile.

Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun enlisted on the 14th and will fulfill his military service in the Air Force band after completing basic training.

Source: Nate

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