Lee Do Hyun did this to all of his female co-stars except for Song Hye Kyo, is it because of Lim Ji Yeon?

Does Lee Do Hyun change his habits because of love?

After Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun confirmed their relationship, stories about them started to circulate. Particularly, audiences noticed a change in Lee Do Hyun’s habits.


Previously, Lee Do Hyun often shared photos taken with his female co-stars (behind the scenes, posters) via SNS to promote the project or simply to keep memories. This has become his habit since he opened his Instagram account until now. Especially with his co-star IU in Hotel Del Luna, he not only shared behind-the-scenes photos but also shared a video taken at her concert and photo of the coffee truck she sent him.

Lee Do Hyun has posted photos with Kim Yoo Jung, his co-star in the drama “Clean with Passion for Now”.
With Go Min Si (Youth Of May)
With Kim Ha Neul (18 Again)
Im Soo Jung (Melancholia)
IU (Hotel Del Luna)
IU again
And he also posted a photo with IU’s coffee truck – Photo: Instagram.

However, while filming The Glory, he did not share any photos taken with Song Hye Kyo. He only reminded the audience to watch the drama through his photos taken alone. This made the audience curious and wonder why. And after the relationship between Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun was confirmed, along with the information that they started dating while filming The Glory, many people believed that because he had a girlfriend, he gave up the habit of posting photos with his female co-stars.

Lee Do Hyun only posted photos of himself in stead of photos taken with Song Hye Kyo during the promotion of “The Glory”.
Lee Do Hyun-Lim Ji yeon
So, did he change his habits because he has a girlfriend now? – Photo: Netflix

Source: k14

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