Billboard Highlights The News Of BTS’s J-Hope Becoming Special Forces Soldier

Billboard and US media outlets showed interest in BTS’s J-hope becoming a special soldier in the military

On October 7th (local time), Billboard stated, “J-Hope is working hard, and he shared a message via Weverse on Friday (Oct. 6) to update ARMY on how he’s doing during his mandatory military service in South Korea.”


They showed deep interest in the news of J-Hope becoming a special soldier.

TMZ reported, “J-Hope, who was appointed as an assistant instructor of the 36th Infantry Division in Wonju, became a special forces soldier after going through harsh tests, such as shooting, running, and sit-ups”.

Earlier on the 6th, J-Hope posted on Weverse, saying “I’ve become a special soldier”, adding “I’m working hard and I think I’ve adapted to it faster than I expected. The role of leading and helping young Korean people take their first step in the military is such a huge burden”.


He continued, “It makes me feel as proud as being a member of BTS”, adding “I come here to tell you that I’m doing well and becoming more mature”.

Member Jin, who enlisted on December 13th last year, was also a special warrior and has been promoted to Corporal early.

Meanwhile, three of 7 BTS members, including Jin, J-Hope and Suga, are fulfilling their military duty.

Source: Daum

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