After V, it was Jungkook’s turn to be a victim of the but-sunis

A female but-suni was constantly clinging to Jungkook and making him unable to walk properly at the airport although the male idol was so tired after the busy schedules.

BTS, taiwan, airport
BTS, taiwan, airport

The incidents of BTS at the airport recently have once again raised the alarm about the danger of the crazy fans. Before that, we are only familiar with the concept of “sasaeng fans”. It’s a phrase which was used to call the dangerous fans who could defy anything in order to follow their idol anytime and anywhere. But after what happened to BTS, it’s time to realize that the but-sunis were not less troublesome and harmful to both the physical and mental health of the idols at all.

After the chaotic situation of BTS at the airport, V has suddenly become the center of criticism from many netizens and “fans”. “Even a worm will turn”, he had set his phone in selca mode and pretended to film a but-suni who was following him. Many claimed that V had disrespected the human rights of the girl, but they forgot that V is the one who really had his human rights abused.

After the case of V, recently ARMYs has gotten even more angry at the but-sunis with what happened to Jungkook. On the day BTS had returned to Korea after finishing their schedules in Taiwan, as usual, a crowd of fans had again surrounded the members at the airport. In that situation, many people spotted a female fan who was wearing a blue coat had constantly clutched Jungkook’s arm. Despite of seeming to be very tired, the maknae of BTS could only endure and keep walking in silence.

BTS, jungkook,, airport

After that, the manager of the boy group spotted it and immediately removed the female fan’s arm from Jungkook. But this girl still refused to give up, she kept constantly following and trying to touch the male idol again. Many people were extremely upset after seeing these pictures. They couldn’t understand why the girl was so persistent when Jungkook looked definitely not happy at all even just reluctantly.
In the pictures which were taken by the Korean press, we can see that the maknae of BTS looked so tired and pale. And of course, the female but-suni in the blue coat was constantly showing up next to Jungkook, regardless of her identity which can be revealed publicly.

What happened to Jungkook at the airport recently hasn’t only made ARMY angry but also Korean netizens feel sorry for the boys. They think that Jungkook and other members of BTS are still too young to be able to overcome all the mental traumas from the crazy fans who have been always following them everywhere. On the other hand, many people have been asking BigHit and the other entertainment companies to solve this problem thoroughly in order to ensure the mental and physical health of the idols.

– I want us to ban whatever that blue shirt girl was doing from this world. Whoever try to grab you by the hand is a criminal
– But the day before, he was still so happy..ㅠ
– He’s still 22 years old, he probably can’t even handle the amount of love people are pouring on him, but he already has to deal with so much mess… Kookie find strength, sasaengsㅜ ㅗㅗ
– Bangtan has it hard, I didn’t know..
– The members are still all in their 20s, the oldest is 27… Jungkook is 22 years old, he could be in university and playing with his friends right now, so do you think that just because he’s a celebrities, it makes it okay? I hope you guys abandon those kinds of mentality, celebrities are just like us, please acknowledge them as humans
– On one side, I’m glad that Jungkook has such a nice mentality, but on the other side it makes me sad 휴ㅠㅠㅠ
What is your opinion on the heartbreaking situation of Jungkook at the airport?

Sources: pann-choa

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