Korean series that are very popular but were boycotted by domestic fans

The more famous, the more scrutiny will be, that is the law of life. Here is a list of 8 Korean series, although extremely popular, but received a lot of criticism from the audience, especially with domestic audiences.

In recent years, many Korean dramas have aired with high discussion. It’s funny, dramas that are loved a lot often come with big controversy. Recently, the Korean Communications Commission has compiled a list of “Dramas that have received the most complaints from viewers in recent years”. And here are the 8 movies that caused the most controversy and mixed opinions. I was surprised when it was all extremely hot movies.

Top 8 – Penthouse: Received 232 complaints

Penthouse‘ has been likened to a super high-class Korean product from last year to this year and always has extremely high levels of discussion throughout social networks. However, this series also has many controversies. The series was reflected as containing too much sensitive content and images, violating the prohibitions in broadcasting standards, and adversely affecting young people. The screenplay was criticized for being excessive, illogical, and the ending also received a lot of criticism. With the above criticism, the Committee issued a warning penalty to the series’ crew.

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Top 7 – It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – Received 269 complaints

‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ is a series that caused a fever throughout Asia in 2020, young people both domestic and abroad are crazy about the content and personality of the main characters. However, right from the beginning, this work has received many complaints, netizens think that the plot of the film is exaggerated, the female lead has extreme expressions and behaves inappropriately with men. The crew also received a warning from the committee right during the show’s broadcast and had to redo some scenes in post-production, but viewers still complained a lot.

Top 6 – My Mister: Received 763 Complaints

“My Mister” is a series that resonates greatly because of its realistic plot, reflecting the lives of people with unfortunate fates, making viewers emotional as well. But surprisingly, this work just aired caused controversy because of the sensitive title, plus the age difference between IU (24) and Lee Sun Kyun (42) made the audience unhappy. But this series was mainly criticized because of the violent scenes of the creditor with IU’s character. It is these scenes that have caused the series to receive many complaints from the audience who are parents.

Top 5 – The King: Eternal Monarch: Received 1028 complaints

It’s surprising that this work is also appeared and received such a large number of complaints. According to the Committee, the series received a lot of complaints because the audience thought that this film had “prejudice about discrimination between men and women”, controversial lines in some scenes commenting on the appearance of both sexes. Although not too serious, it causes a lot of loss of discomfort for both adults and young viewers.

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Top 5 – World of the Married: Received 1688 complaint letters

The World of the Married is a family blockbuster that brought great fame to cable station jTBC. The popularity of the drama has spread to Asia even though the subject is not easy to watch. The film exposes the reality of marriage very honestly and a little harshly. But despite the high ratings, the series received many complaints from domestic audiences. Many people think that because they want to increase the rating, the crew deliberately overstates the story, the lines used are too heavy, the actions of the characters are extreme. In addition, even though the drama was rated 19+, it was broadcast in a time frame that young people could still watch, so the audience was worried that it would cause a backlash.

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Top 3 – Mr. Queen: Received 4113 complaint letters

Mr. Queen‘ is also a very hot work when it airs, the rating is up to 17%, is the Korean historical drama with the highest rating in the first half of this year, but that cannot avoid the drama from being criticized by the domestic audience. Before the broadcast, Korean fans discovered that the author of the original novel had bad comments about Korea. After the drama aired, it was again suspected of distorting history. It says it’s creating a fictional dynasty, but it uses the name of a historical character and then builds a completely different personality. The series crew had to apologize and correct controversial details.

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Top 2 – Joseon Exorcist: Received 5171 complaint letters

This can be said to be the work that was boycotted the most and suffered the most severe consequences that after the broadcast of 2 episodes, it has been stopped broadcasting. What Korean audiences are most dissatisfied with is that the film seriously distorts history, the context is unclear and indiscriminately introduces sensitive issues. The domestic audience emphasized that the series crew did not carefully study the history will cause the film to mislead young audiences. The wave of protests was so high that in the end, this work had to be cut off forever.

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Top 1 – Backstreet Rookie: Received 6366 Complaints

At the top of the list of the most reflected works is surprisingly Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung‘s film with more than 6000 complaints. This series is adapted from the webtoon of the same name, the original comic is 19+ because there are many sensitive scenes, the content is also slightly adult. However, the crew still exploited and left many scenes that did not match television standards. Immediately, the series received many mixed reviews, many letters of complaint and reflection. Parents also pointed out that it was inappropriate for the film to be shown in the family time slot, so the number of complaints increased day by day, prompting the Committee to issue warnings to the crew several times.

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So you see, getting a drama to air is really not that simple. The taller the tree, the stronger the wind, the hotter the film, the more it will be viewed and receive mixed opinions. 

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