Kim Seon Ho’s official fancafe “Seonhohada” delivered applaudable news

Actor Kim Seon Ho’s official fancafe “Seonhohada” donated money to cover expenses for children with cancer.

On December 15th, the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation, a non-profit organization specializing in childhood cancer, said, “We received a donation of 12.1 million won for the treatment of children with cancer from Kim Seon Ho’s official fancafe ‘Seonhohada’”.

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As an organization to support children with cancer, the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation has been holding various psychological and social programs and providing medical expenses for childhood cancer patients in Korea and their families since 1991.

In celebration of actor Kim Seon Ho’s first fanmeeting “One, Two, Three, Smile” on December 10th, official fancafe ‘Seonhohada’ decided to continue Kim Seon Ho’s good influence and practice sharing kindness for children with cancer. The donation this time will be provided for the treatment of childhood cancer patients and patients with rare and incurable diseases. 

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“Seonhohada” said, “We feel thankful to be able to share the warmth of actor Kim Seon Ho with the children, and we will always be rooting for their bright future”, adding “We hope our precious kids will quickly recover their good health and run around playing with their friends in the warm spring as much as they want.”

Seo Seon Won, secretary of the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation, said, “We would like to thank official fancafe ‘Seonhohada’, who are practicing the sharing culture with actor Kim Seon Ho”, adding “We hope you will continue to give attention to children with cancer to help them grow with healthier and brighter appearances”.

Kim Seon-ho

After completing his first fanmeeting, Kim Seon Ho won 4 awards, including two Popularity awards, at the 2022 Asian Artist Awards (2022 AAA). He is expected to make his comeback through various works, such as drama “Hash’s Shinru” (working title) and the movie “Tyrant”. 

Source: wikitree

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