NewJeans dropped teaser for pre-release song “Ditto”, a mysterious number 6?

Girl group NewJeans unveiled a teaser video for the MV of their pre-release song “Ditto”

On the afternoon of December 14th, New Jeans released a music video teaser video for the pre-release song “Ditto”, which will be included in their new single album “OMG”.


The teaser is titled ‘New Jeans 6’ and is about 20 seconds long. It started with the members wearing school uniforms opening the classroom door and coming out. All members were laughing brightly as they ran through the hallways of the school. Along with this, a dreamy yet unique humming sound harmonized with the background music.

The video reminds audiences of innocent and happy school days. However, 6 people appeared in the running scene, arousing curiosity. 


Director Shin Woo Seok, who participated in the production of the “Ditto” MV, also revealed that it was produced in a three-dimensional composition divided into parts 1 and 2.

The agency of NewJeans also hinted, “The music video for ‘Ditto’ contains an unexpected story, which will be unfolded by Bunnies (fan club name) and NewJeans.

Meanwhile, New Jeans will release their 2nd single album “OMG” on January 2nd. Prior to that, the pre-release song “Ditto” will be release on December 15th. 

Source: Dispatch

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