Go Yoon Jung’s “original photo” was released due to controversy over graduation photo…”She’s always pretty”

Actress Go Yoon Jung (27)’s graduation photo was released through online communities. After a maliciously edited photo was shared, netizens posted the original photo.

On Jan 4th, a post containing Go Yoon Jung’s middle school graduation photo was uploaded on an online community in Korea. Netizen A, who wrote this post, said, “Have you all seen Go Yoon Jung’s past photo? Why is it strangely edited?”

Go Yoon Jung

The previous day, Go Yoon Jung‘s graduation photo was shared on a number of SNS (social network services) and online communities. A claimed that the photo that was spread the day before was a photo with malicious editing, such as making Go Yoon Jung’s eyes smaller or darkening her skin color.

A revealed the original of Go Yoon Jung’s graduation photo and confessed, “I post it because it seems that Go Yoon Jung’s photo was spread after being strangely edited with malicious editing.”

Go Yoon Jung

A added, “I’ll upload the strangely edited photo and the original I have, so let’s compare them.”

Other netizens also shared Go Yoon Jung’s past photos that they had. They showed reactions such as “If you look at the photos taken from different angles, she’s pretty both in the past and now” and “How jealous would they be to edit and spread her past photos?”

go yoon jung

Meanwhile, Go Yoon Jung made her debut in tvN’s 2019 drama “He Is Psychometric”. Before entering the entertainment industry, she became a hot topic online as the cover model for the 771st issue of UNIV Tomorrow. Go Yoon Jung is currently starring as Jin Bu Yeon in tvN’s drama “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow“.

Source: Nate

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