High school graduation photo presumed to be “Alchemy of Souls” star Go Yoon Jung is spreading rapidly

On January 4th, a post titled Go Yoon Jung’s graduation photo” was posted on various social media and online communities. The original poster said that it was Go Yoon Jung’s high school graduation picture.

In the photo, Go Yoon Jung looks quite different from her current look with a sharp jawline. Beneath the photo, her name was written.

go yoon jung

Fans showed reactions such as “The aura is completely different from now” and “She exploded with cuteness back then”.

However, it has not been confirmed whether the graduation photo was Go Yoon Jung or not.

Along with this, Go Yoon Jung’s college days were also revealed.

In the photo, Go Yoon Jung was active as a school model. She drew attention with her cute cheeks.

go yoon jung

However, some responded that “she looks very different from now and when she was younger” and “she could be someone else with the same name as the actress Go Yoon Jung”.

On the other hand, Go Yoon Jung is appearing in tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls” Part 2, gaining much popularity. She garners a lot of attention with her character and perfect, surreal visuals.

Go Yoon Jung Alchemy of Souls 2

Before this, Go Yoon Jung was best known for starring in Netflix’s “Sweet Home” and Lee Jung Jae’s film “Hunt”.

Source: Insight. 

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