Lee Da Hee “I got stung by Choi Si Won’s beard while filming our kiss scene. So I asked him to shave it” (My Little Old Boy)

Actress Lee Da Hee revealed a behind-the-scenes story about her kiss scene with Choi Si Won.

Choi Si Won’s daily life was revealed on the new episode of SBS’s entertainment program “My Little Old Boy”, which aired on November 6th. 

Lee Da-hee Choi Si Won

On the broadcast, a story about Choi Si Won when filming the drama “Love Is for Suckers” was released. Lee Da Hee looked at Choi Si Won and said, “I think your beard grew more than before”. She recalled the time they were filming the drama and said, “When we shot our first kiss scene on the set, the area around my mouth turned red after filming the scene. Since my skin is very weak, I got stung (by Choi Si Won’s beard)”

Lee Da-hee Choi Si Won

Choi Si Won laughed and said, “At that time, she carefully told me, ‘Si Won ah, can you shave your beard a little bit before filming the kiss scene’, so I shaved every morning”. He continued, “I will never shave it again. I think hair and beard are gifts from God”.

Choi Si Won then added, “I also grew a beard when I filmed ‘Work Later, Drink Now’. At that time, I used facial cleanser and conditioner once in a while and my beard became very soft”, drawing laughter.

Lee Da-hee Choi Si Won

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