JTBC’s “Second World”, “AOA’s Jimin joining the show? It’s hard to say”

JTBC’s “Second World” addressed the rumor of AOA’s Jimin participating in the program. 

On August 1st, a representative of JTBC’s upcoming entertainment program “Second World” told TV Daily, “It is difficult to reveal whether AOA’s Jimin will appear on the show, as it can be a spoiler due to the nature of the program. We ask for your understanding.”

AOA Jimin

“Second World” is an entertainment program that showcases the vocal battles between the main rappers from K-pop girl groups. Previously, MyDaily reported that AOA’s Jimin will make her first comeback after a two-year hiatus by competing in “Second World”. 

In 2020, Jimin left AOA and stopped all her activities in the industry in the aftermath of ex-member Kwon Minah’s disclosure of what happened behind the cameras. In this regard, FNC Entertainment, Jimin’s agency at the time, said, “We apologize for causing concern to many people due to what is going on with Jimin. Jimin has decided to depart from AOA and ceased all entertainment activities.” 

aoa jimin

Jimin resumed her social media activities from the beginning of this year after going through a self-reflection period and started communicating with her fans again. She recently announced that she has signed an exclusive contract with ALO MALO Entertainment.

Source: Daum

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