YGX dancers participated in perfecting the choreography of BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo debut song ‘LALISA’

It is reported that YGX dancers contributed a lot in creating the performance of BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo song.

YGX dancers Lee Jung, Ji Hyo, and Isak, who are competing in Mnet’s dance program “Street Woman Fighter”, participated in the performance of Lisa’s first solo single song ‘LALISA’ as the choreographers and dancers.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s debut song,‘LALISA’, is a track with a bold brass riff and dynamic rhythm. In particular, the attractive and powerful performance of the song has received enthusiastic responses from global music fans.


First, the choreography of ‘LALISA’ was created by YGX Lee Jung and the world-class choreographers Kiel Tutin and Sienna Lalau. Lee Jung added unique dance moves that are full of energy into ‘LALISA’ and helped highlight BLACKPINK’s Lisa charisma even more.

Lee Jung, who has created many signature choreographies for KPOP representative female singers, showed remarkable synergy in this collaboration with Lisa. Moreover, Lee Jung will also hold some classes and give instruction for the choreography of ‘LALISA’ herself.


Meanwhile, YGX Isak and Ji Hyo participated as dancers in ‘LALISA’ MV. From the beginning, when they posed while sitting down, to the chorus part that required them to use all the power of their arms, Ji Hyo and Isak showed up throughout the performance of the song.


As a result, MV ‘LALISA’, the music video featuring YGX dancers, has earned a record-breaking number of views. With the participation of Lee Jung as the choreographer, Jihyo, and Isak as dancers in an explosive solo debut of Lisa, the topics related to “Street Woman Fighter” and YGX have recently become even hotter on various online communities.

Meanwhile, 5 members of YGX dance crew, including Lee Jung, Ji Hyo, Isak, Yeo Jin, and YelI are competing in “Street Woman Fighter”, which is aired every Tuesday at 10:20 PM KST.

In the next episode of “Street Woman Fighter” to be aired on September 14, the members of YGX team will challenge themselves in the mission “4 top hits of KPOP” and reinterpret BoA’s song. Ahead of the competition, Lee Jung said, “I will show you why I got all these things at this early age of my career.”

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