NCT Tae Yong and actress Park Ju Hyun’s dating rumor broke out

NCT and SuperM member Tae Yong (Lee Tae Yong) is embroiled in a romance rumor with actress Park Joo Hyun.

On Jan 12th, a post titled “Tae Yong and ‘The Forbidden Marriage’ Park Ju Hyun are found dating” was posted on the online community Nate Pann.

The author of the post, A, raised the romance rumor based on Tae Yong‘s “LoL (League of Legends)” ID, which is already well known to fans.

NCT Tae Yong Park Ju Hyun League of Legends

Hae Chan (NCT member) has previously confirmed that the account ID “Soo Man’s” was Tae Yong. However, this account’s recent most-played friend is an account named “So Rang”. A said, “There are also NCT members, but he only played games with So Rang.” A claimed that this account played games on days Tae Yong had no schedule, which means Tae Yong plays games (with her) without going to the practice room when he has no schedule.”

In particular, A also claimed that “So Rang” is the name of Park Ju Hyun’s role in the MBC drama “The Forbidden Marriage,” which is currently airing.

Furthermore, A said, “(Tae Yong) brought (Park Ju Hyun) to the family seat at NCT 127’s concert and they openly dated,” and also included photos of Park Joo Hyun certifying it through her Instagram.

Park Ji hyun The Forbidden Marriage

The photo shows Tae Yong and Park Ju Hyun standing close to each other and taking a photo together backstage of NCT 127’s concert. This was posted on Park Ju Hyun’s Instagram story in the past. She also took a photo of her concert tickets with NCT 127 lightsticks.

Park Ju-hyun-nct-concert-

Regarding this, A expressed their anger, saying, “It’s funny how he plays games with his girlfriend every day off and deceives the fans (by putting her) in the family seat.”

NCT Taeyong Park Ji hyun

Netizens commented, “He is the leader but look how he’s dating… Why bring your girlfriend to the family seat?”, “Playing games with your girlfriend on your days off is just like asking fans to know that you are dating her.”

NCT Taeyong Park Ju hyun

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