“Dating rumor” G-Dragon’s meaningful message…Did he reveal his innermost thoughts?

BIGBANG G-Dragon delivered his current situation.

On Jan 12th, G-Dragon posted a photo on his Instagram story.

The photo showed a book with the words “Night of Concerns” written on it. The picture on the cover of the book exuded a calm feeling as the night sky was full of the moon and stars, and there was a tree underneath.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon was recently embroiled in dating rumors with Shinsegae Group Chairman Lee Myung Hee’s granddaughter. Afterwards, Shinsegae announced, “We have made an official position to correct the wrong information as indiscriminate speculative reports continue beyond simple incidents. After confirming with the affected party themselves, they went to watch the concert with several people (not just two), took a photo as a fan (of G-Dragon) and posted it.” The previous day, Chinese media outlet Sina Entertainment raised rumors that G-Dragon is dating Chairman Lee’s granddaughter, saying that G-Dragon watched a concert with her. On the other hand, G-Dragon was embroiled in dating rumors with IVE Jang Won Young before.

Source: Nate

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