YG & Shinsegae “Dating rumors between G-Dragon and the chairman’s granddaughter are not true”

Big Bang G-Dragon’s agency YG Entertainment (YG) and Shinsegae both denied dating rumors between G-Dragon and Ms. Moon, Chairman Lee Myung Hee’s granddaughter.

On Jan 11th, YG announced, “The dating rumors between Ms. Moon and G-Dragon are not true.

Shinsegae also said on Jan 10th,The dating rumors are not true at all. We have made an official position to correct the wrong information as indiscriminate speculative reports continue beyond simple incidents. After confirming with the affected party themselves, they went to watch the concert with several people (not just two), took a photo as a fan (of G-Dragon) and posted it.

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The dating rumors between G-Dragon and Ms. Moon began in China. Chinese media outlet Sina Entertainment reported, “G-Dragon watched Mnet’s ‘Street Man Fighter’ concert with Ms. Moon. Ms. Moon posted a photo of her holding YGX’s lightstick alongside G-Dragon on her personal account.” Besides, the photo showed G-Dragon watching the concert with a black beanie hat and sunglasses covering his face. Accordingly, Chinese netizens raised rumors of the two’s romantic relationship.

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However, as YG and Shinsegae began to suppress the situation, the dating rumors ended as a simple incident. Above all, YG will show an ambiguous position of “We cannot confirm because it is our artist’s private life” if the dating rumors are true. Therefore, this incident is expected to end neatly.

G-Dragon recently renewed his contract with his agency YG Entertainment (YG) and is preparing for a new album.

Source: Nate

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