Kris Wu’s scandal is the ‘work’ of Cai Xukun, Lay, Wang Yibo, and another male star?

In a post by the Beijing police on the evening of July 22, there was a mention of 1 Mr.  Xu, who helped Du Meidzu write 10 articles exposing Kris Wu, now Cnet is investigating the identity of this man.

On the evening of July 22, the Beijing police caused a stir when they released a detailed announcement about the case between Wu Yifan (Kris Wu) and Du Meidzu.  Netizens were taken aback when they learned that behind this drama there is another character who helped Du Meidzu destroy Kris Wu’s career.  According to a statement from the police, Mr. Xu (31 years old), seeing the scandal showing signs of an outbreak, joined in to profit from the incident.  Xu promised to help Du Meidzu write 10 articles to expose Kris Wu so that she could gradually post them on social networks.

Immediately after the police made an announcement, Kris Wu’s fans asked to find out who Mr. Xu was.  The account with 17,000 fans named “Wu Yifan smashed the rumor” tagged Weibo of the Beijing Chaoyang police department with accusations: “Four stars’ teams spent money to bribe the writer.” 

It is worth mentioning, below the comment section, some netizens named the abbreviations of these 4 artists as “CXK”, “WYB”, “GJ” and “ZYX”, referring to all the most famous male stars today: Cai Xukun, Wang Yibo, Gong Jun and Zang Yixing (Lay).

On social networks, netizens could not help but be confused and surprised.  It is suggested that it is really necessary to clarify the identity of Mr. Xu.  Netizens believe that in the Chinese entertainment industry, many artists buy articles to smear others.  In particular, when the scandal of Wu Yifan has not shown any signs of cooling down with more shocking details, the information that the male singer’s fans gave is, even more, causing a stir.

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Source: K14

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