The reason why Kim Hye Ja, the god of acting, vented her anger on director Bong Joon Ho

Actress Kim Hye Ja appeared in numerous works during her long acting career. 

Of course, her representative works are not one or two. “Mother” (director Bong Joon Ho, 2009) is definitely one of her best movies.

Kim Hye-ja

“Mother” follows a mother (Kim Hye Ja) who, after her intellectually disabled son (Won Bin) is accused of the murder of a young girl, attempts to find the true killer in order to get her son freed.

Director Bong Joon Ho not only wrote the synopsis with Kim Hye Ja in mind in the first place, but finally succeeded in casting Kim Hye Ja after years of meeting her and telling her about the work’s story.

Kim Hye-ja

Kim Hye Ja had already been acting for nearly 50 years at that time. She said that it was very difficult to act the “indescribable expression” in the film’s ending scene. No matter how much she acted, she did not like her acting.

Even though Kim Hye Ja got the OK sign, she was still upset. In the end, she even shed tears. She vented her anger on director Bong Joon Ho by telling him to try it himself.

Kim Hye-ja

Admit it when people cheer.

Then, Kim Hye Ja, who was waiting for the next shoot, received this text message from director Bong Joon Ho. Only then did she realize that her acting did not go wrong.

Kim Hye-ja

“Mother” won awards at not only domestic but also overseas film festivals and was recognized for its cinematic quality. It was possible because of Kim Hye Ja’s excellent acting. Kim Hye Ja also became the first Korean actress to win “Best Actress” at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards.

Kim Hye-ja

Kim Hye Ja expressed her gratitude to director Bong Joon Ho for suggesting “Mother”. Before that, she had been thinking for a long time about how to get out of limited roles since her roles were always “someone’s wife”.

Actress Kim Hye Ja has already been acting for 61 years. To her, acting is like breathing.

Kim Hye-ja

Actress Kim Hye Ja always gets into viewers and the public’s hearts with a deep resonance. We hope that you will be with us for a long time in good health.

Source: Daum

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