Disney’s Chief Diversity Officer resigns because of “The Little Mermaid” controversy?

Disney’s chief diversity officer and senior vice president Latondra Newton steps down from her position.

According to the entertainment media Variety on June 20th (local time), Disney’s chief diversity officer and senior vice president Latondra Newton will leave the company after more than six years.

Latondra Newton is a director in charge of DEI operations at Disney. DEI is introduced as an operation to produce entertainment that reflects a global audience and sustains a welcoming and inclusive workplace for everyone.

The Little Mermaid ariel

After Latondra Newton leaves Disney, her position will be left vacant for the time being, and reports will be sent directly to her junior Julie Merges.

According to the information source, Latondra Newton plans to join the corporate board of another company soon and devote more time to her self-owned creative company. Before working for Disney, she served as the price president of social innovation and chief diversity officer at Toyota Motor.

A week before Latondra Newton’s withdrawal, CFO Christine McCarthy also decided to step down from her role. As senior Disney officials are leaving the company one after another, many people are wondering if there has been a change in the internal organization.


Meanwhile, the recently released movie “The Little Mermaid” was mentioned as one of Disney’s moves for diversity. “The Little Mermaid” is a live-action film adapted from the original animation of the same name. It has been under fire due to the casting of black singer Halle Bailey as the main character Ariel. The movie premiered on May 24th.

Disney is coming up with a new strategy of utilizing its existing franchises by announcing sequels to popular animations, such as “Frozen” and “Zootopia”, in order to recover from the recent slump.

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