B.I (former iKON member) is making a comeback with a new album

B.I has raised high expectations for his comeback by heralding a variety of content.

On October 23rd, a plan poster for B.I’s half album ‘COSMOS’, which will be released on November 11th, was uploaded on his official SNS account. In the poster, B.I, with a blonde hairstyle, is looking at a cosmos flower in his hand. The combination of B.I’s classy visual and the lonely atmosphere has raised the public’s curiosity.

B.I comeback

According to the poster’s content, B.I will subsequentially release 3 versions of message poster, 6 lyric concept posters, and 2 message films, beginning with the tracklist to be revealed on October 25th. Above all, B.I will also hold a countdown live on the release date of ‘COSMOS’. An hour before his new song is published, he will communicate with fans around the world and share several behind-the-scenes stories with them.

B.I comeback
 “iKON members (from left to right): Bobby, Jinhwan and B.I

B.I is drawing attention from global fans by announcing a comeback only 5 months after his first full album “WATERFALL”, which was released in June. B.I, who has established a solid solo career by producing many hit songs with different genres, is making fans curious about what kind of musicality he will show through ‘COSMOS’.

B.I comeback

Meanwhile, on September 23rd, B.I was sentenced to a probationary period of 4 years for violating the Narcotics Control Act. At that time, the court also ordered B.I to pay 1.5 million won in fine, 80 hours of community service and 40 hours of drug treatment lectures.

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