Korean actresses dubbed as “nation’s first loves”: Son Ye Jin to become a mother, Jeon Ji Hyun a real estate millionaire

Once earning the title “nation’s first love” with their innocent vibes, these Korean actresses are leading very different lives. 

The Korean acting industry undoubtedly features the most stunning beauties, who look like princesses and are considered the untouchable first love to many watchers. Now, years later, these actresses have all matured, leading different lives, with some still as astounding as successful as ever, and some not quite so fortunate. 

Son Ye Jin

son ye jin

Ever since her debut, famous actress Son Ye Jin has always been praised for both her talents and beauty. Through successful series and movies like “Summer Scent”, “The Classic”, “The Last Princes”, “Something In The Rain”, and most recently, “Crash Landing On You”, Son Ye Jin has earned all sorts of title, from “nation’s first love”, “melodrama queen”, to “the gem of the big screen”. 

son ye jin 20s
Son Ye Jin’s princess-like appearance in her 20s. 

Alongside her popularity, Son Ye Jin’s personal life is also going smoothly, as the actress just married actor Hyun Bin, and recently announced that she’s carrying their first child. Son Ye Jin’s probably the nation’s first love with the best life, and even now, she’s still in the limelight with every public appearance. 

hyun bin son ye jin
Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are a powerful couple of the Korean entertainment industry. 

Jeon Ji Hyun 

Jeon Ji Hyun has always been known for her classiness and chic vibes that cannot be matched by any other. All of the actress’ works have so far been major hits, from movies like “My Sassy Girl”, “The Thieves”, and “Assassination”, to K-dramas like “My Love From The Star”, “Legend of The Blue Sea”, and most recently, “Jirisan”.

jeon ji hyun 20s
Jeon Ji Hyun’s visuals when she was young

Now in her 40s, yet Jeon Ji Hyun still looks as youthful as ever, and her regality hasn’t faded even a little. Despite taking on little works, Jeon Ji Hyun manages to maintain an irreplaceable position in the audience’s heart. 

In addition, Jeon Ji Hyun is also a millionaire with numerous real estate properties, including a villa in Gangnam, business properties in Youngsan and Gangnam, and recently an entire commercial building in Gangse. The total worth of these buildings is estimated to be over 88.8 billion won, which falls around 72 million USD. 

Jeon Ji-hyun
Jeon Ji Hyun owns various real estate properties in Korea 


Idol-actress Suzy initially debuted as a member of the JYP girl group Miss A, before branching into the acting world. Suzy started to draw attention with her leading role in the school drama “Dream High”, before exploding with fame and earning the title of “nation’s first love” after a role in box-office hit “Architecture 101”. 


More than a decade has passed since her debut and Suzy still remains a top visual among Korean female stars. Her trademark innocent aura is still unrivaled. Suzy has been in the industry for such a long time, but there has not been a day when her beauty fails to wow everyone. 

Suzy’s elegant and pure aura remains iconic 

Lee Yeon Hee

Lee Yeon Hee joined SM Entertainment after winning the “Best Feature” award in a trainee recruitment contest in 2001. During 20 years in the industry, Lee Yeon Hee has proved her strong presence in successful works such as A Millionaire’s First Love, East of Eden, Lee Dae Hee, Miss Korea, Ghost, …

lee yeon hee

Her beauty is without doubt appreciated, but Lee Yeon Hee’s acting skills often come under controversy. Her on-screen performance has been deemed emotionless multiple times. Currently, Lee Yeon Hee has settled down with her non-celebrity husband. What hasn’t changed is her graceful and innocent beauty that has stayed the same for more than 2 decades.

Im Ye Jin

lim ye jin

Im Ye Jin made the strongest impression on Asian audiences through two works, “Princess Aurora” and “Never Forget Me”. She is loved for her mesmerizing beauty with big round eyes, a tall nose and pretty lips. Her appearance was the dream of every girl during the 1970s.

lim ye jin

At the age of 62, Im Ye Jin has gradually withdrawn from the entertainment industry, but her luxurious beauty has not changed. The muse of Korean cinema is now enjoying a happy marriage with a director and producer of MBC’s dramas.

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