6 Female celebrities who said they are not attracted to handsome man + their ideal types 

For these 6 female celebrities, looks aren’t everything, and a good personality matters way more.

As female celebrities are often surrounded by gorgeous faces and perfect bodies, many people think that appearance is an important element to them while choosing a boyfriend. 

However, some stars disclosed that handsome men aren’t their type, and that they value a warm and honest personality over appearance.

1. Actress Lee Joo Bin

Actress Lee Joo Bin, who recently gained attention via the Netflix series “Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area”, revealed her ideal type in an interview back in 2020. According to the actress, she values personality over external appearance. 

Lee Joo bin

Lee Joo Bin also specifically mentioned that for her, it’s important that her boyfriend is warm, empathic, and is able to communicate well.

She also re-affirms that personality is more important than looks many times afterwards. 

2. Idol-actress IU

Right from the beginning of her debut, IU confessed that she doesn’t find handsome people attractive, and instead likes people who are passionate about their work. 

IU cosmopolitan

In 2020, IU appeared on the KBS Cool FM’s radio show “Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza”, where she said that her ideal type “is someone who is likely to live a long life”. 

It seems that alongside personality, IU also looks for people who understand the importance of health. 

3. Idol-actress Suzy 

When she appeared on the 2014 KBS2 program “I Am a Man”, Suzy was asked about her ideal type, to which the idol-actress replied: “I am not attracted to handsome people.” 


Previously in 2013, Suzy confessed in a photo shoot with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan that she’s into an honest and easy-going man, who also works hard. 


In 2017, BLACKPINK Jennie appeared on the JTBC show “Knowing Brothers”, where she admitted to not considering faces at all when it comes to dating. 


On the show, Jennie stressed that external appearance is not important, and picked comedian Lee Soo Geun as her ideal type among the cast members on “Knowing Brothers”. 

5. Red Velvet Irene

Red Velvet Irene discussed her ideal type in 2017 when she appeared on the MBC show “Oppa Thinking”. Here, the female idol shared that rather than a handsome man, personality is what’s important.


“My ideal type is a warm person who doesn’t make me feel lonely”, Irene said. 

6. Oh My Girl YooA 

Back in 2020, YooA mentioned her ideal type in an interview with Lee Sung Kwang on the YouTube channel “The Star Magazine”. 

oh my girl yooA

In particular, the female idol said: “I don’t like people who are handsome and cool. I prefer people who are kind-hearted and have their own philosophy”. 

YooA also shared her thoughts about love in another interview with “The Star Magazine” last year, saying: “True love comes from comfort.” 

Source: Insight

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