SEVENTEEN Dokyeom brings tears to fans’ eyes with his handwritten letter to the late Moonbin

SEVENTEEN’s Dokyeom mourns the late ASTRO’s Moonbin by visiting the memorial space set up at Fantagio and leaving a letter for him. 

SEVENTEEN’s Dokyeom started the letter with, “Bin-ah, it’s Dokyeom hyung. Everyone misses you and wants to see you. Are you watching over us? You are a person who deserves to be loved, a truly wonderful person.” 

He continued, “Whenever I saw you, you made people around you happy with your cute smile. We both worried a lot about our music and talked about it a lot. Every time we did, you would say, ‘Thank you, hyung. Let’s grab a drink together next time.’ I miss seeing you like that. I wanted to be more helpful to you, and the thought of talking more and spending more time together keeps coming back to me.

He added, “I’m sorry I couldn’t embrace all the pain and difficulties you had in your heart. We will always remember you in our hearts as we continue to work hard until the end of our time.

Other SEVENTEEN members, such as Boo Seungkwan, Wonwoo, Mingyu, ASTRO members Cha Eunwoo, Jinjin, MJ, and Moonbin’s younger sister Moon Sua, also visited the memorial space and left letters for Moonbin.


Moonbin was found dead at his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on April 19th at the age of 25. The police are investigating the exact cause of his death, and his private funeral was held on April 22nd.

After the news of Moonbin’s passing, fans left flowers and letters at the entrance of Fantagio, forming a memorial space. In response, Fantagio set up an additional memorial space for fans visiting the agency. The memorial space will be open until April 30th.

Source: Wikitree

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