ITZY Ryujin, “I want to make a unit with TWICE and NMIXX members”, raising expectations for JYP version of GOT The Beat

Ryujin revealed her desire to form a unit group with ITZY, TWICE and NMIXX members.

On April 10th, Vogue Korea uploaded a new video titled, “What JYP unit group does Ryu Jin want to make? (TWICE, ITZY, NMIXX)”, on its official Youtube channel.

The released video shows Ryujin answering the question, “Is there any artist you want to collaborate with?”.

ITZY Ryujin

She smiled and said, “It suddenly makes me feel so excited”. She added, “I actually wanted to try something like that. Doing a JYP concert like SM Town, YG Family, and HYBECon, or forming teams with some friends. I can take care of others, or I can receive care from TWICE unnies…I think it would be so much fun if there were opportunities like that”, carefully expressing her wish.

When asked “Is there any project group you want to make?”, Ryujin shyly answered, “That’s difficult”.

ITZY Ryujin

She continued, “There is a combination I want to see. I want to gather the best vocalists from TWICE, ITZY and NMIXX. It would be very interesting to have NMIXX Lily & Haewon, ITZY Lia and TWICE Jihyo unnie release a song together”, raising fans’ expectations for JYP to launch a subunit similar to SM’s project group GOT The Beat.

GOT The Beat is a unit group of SM Entertainment that consists of BoA, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon & Hyoyeon, Red Velvet Seulgi & Wendy, and aespa Karina & Winter.

Source: Naver

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