BTS Suga explodes sadness “IU, you didn’t invite me as your concert guest”

BTS Suga expressed his disappointment at not being invited as a concert guest by singer IU.

Suga appeared as a guest on “IU‘s Palette”, which was released on YouTube on April 10th.

The two, who recently reunited after about 3 years since “Eight”, talked about various things, including their new collaboration song “People Pt.2”.

IU Suga

IU proposed to perform “Eight”. Suga agreed, “This is our first live performance. It’s very meaningful.”

Suga then made IU bewildered by saying, “I thought you’d call me as your concert guest, but no.”

IU responded “He asked, ‘Why won’t you invite me?’ Since ‘Eight’ is the opening song… I told him, ‘Thank you for caring. Thank you for your kind heart.’” Suga lamented, “You could have at least invited me. I never got invited once.”

IU Suga

IU replied, “But inviting someone could be a burden for them.” Suga said, “This is off the record, but when you were doing the concert, I had no other schedules. I went to a wedding.” IU shared, “We would’ve loved to invite you, but we couldn’t bring a guest out for the opening song. Your rap part in ‘Eight’ is really short so I couldn’t ask you to come for just that.”

IU Suga

Suga went on to say, “Then this would work. When I’m doing my concert, please come to sing.” IU smilingly replied, “Alluring people away!”

Source: Nate

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