BTS Suga unveils 2nd collaboration with IU via a pre-release track ahead of solo album release 

Fans get a taste of how the last installment of Suga’s “Agust D” trilogy will be like. 

On April 7th, BTS Suga dropped the music video for the pre-release track “People Pt.2” ahead of his album release at the end of April. The song features IU, marking the duo’s second collaboration on a music release. The track is released under the name Agust D. 

“People Pt.2” is a R&B song that takes on boom bap rhythm and 90s-style hip hop as its central element. The interweave of rap and vocal parts delivers a sense of nostalgia and an inroad into the inner world of Agust D. IU’s soulful voice elevates the conveyed emotions and adds a distinct allure to the song. The song takes inspiration from ever-present and diverse forms of human connections, as well as the emotions and feelings arising from them. 

BTS Suga

“People Pt.2” music video is simple in style as the music video follows Suga’s everyday activities, such as making and composing music 

Suga boasts his visual in the music video 

The music video for “People Pt.2” is not, by any means, complex. It draws on the materials of Suga’s everyday life, from making music to playing with his pet. The familiar surrounding environments add realism to the contents depicted in the music video, and bring the singer closer to his fans. 

Suga includes his studio as a backdrop for the music video 

Fans are able to get a better look at Suga’s personality through this music release. It goes to show the idol’s personal story through a visually and vocally soothing music video, making for another successful collaboration between IU and Suga. Netizens’ reaction is, overall, positive. 

Source: K14 

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