SBS delivered news of prostitution broker accusations, Seungri (Big Bang) spoke out personally

What did Seungri (Big Bang) say in response to the accusation of the prostitution broker for Taiwanese gangsters?

Yesterday (February 26), SBS shocked readers when it released a series of evidence in the form of a message which showed that Seungri (Big Bang) helped as broker for prostitution for Taiwanese gangsters. After YG released a statement denying the whole incident, and affirmed that the above message was fake, SBS funE reporters continued to protest. The police also embarked on investigating Seungri and the people involved.

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By this morning, Seungri had personally spoken out about this shocking scandal. He felt sorry for the scandals related over the past several months including the Burning Sun scandal, sexually assaulting customers, and the rumors of this club selling drugs and now a prostitution scandal.

Through YG, Seungri made the following official statement:

“We would like to deliver Seungri’s personal statement, which he sent over to us last night.

Once again, Seungri would like to relay his sincerest apologies for the uncomfortable and unsightly news which have been rampant online due to his involvements in certain businesses; he hopes to be able to participate actively and diligently in the police’s investigations as soon as possible by attending in person through absolute cooperation, in order to bring to completion all investigations involving illegal drug suspicions, as well as all other ongoing controversies.

We at YG also agree with Seungri’s stance, and the legal team at YG plans on contacting the police unit involved in the ongoing investigation by this afternoon to relay Seungri’s wishes to cooperate diligently and actively. Through the police’s thorough investigation, we hope that the absolute truth hidden behind these reckless rumors will come to light in the fastest possible manner; in the case that the police discover any problems, the individuals involved must face strict legal consequences for his/her actions.

On the other hand, in the case that all of the above mentioned rumors and controversies are proven false, we will make sure to prepare all manners of legal action including a lawsuit, request for police investigation and action, etc.”

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Sources: alkp, ke14

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