“Mannerless hand on the shoulder” KBS female reporter suffered from a broadcasting accident 

Despite the accident, this KBS reporter shone with her professionalism. 

On November 21st, Jung Yi Soo, an official reporter of KBS for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, posted a video on her YouTube channel under the title “I was hit on the shoulder during the World Cup live broadcast…

KBS female reporter-qatar-world-cup-2022

On this day, ahead of the live broadcast, during the live connection, a group of men appeared and started singing next to Jung Yi Soo. In particular, one man put his hand on Jeong Yi Soo’s shoulder without consent.

Soon after, Jung Yi Soo started reporting, but these men started to sing louder, and eventually stormed in front of the camera to interrupt Jung Yi Soo.

Even in the midst of this, Jung Yi Soo calmly handled the situation by vividly conveying the atmosphere of the scene, but another man suddenly hit Jung Yi Soo on the shoulder on purpose. The man’s strength and unmannered behavior increased the concern to the extent that Jung Yi Soo’s body shook greatly.

However, Jung Yi Soo successfully completed the report despite the difficult environment. Jung Yi Soo recalled, “I was really surprised. Suddenly, they were playing drums and putting their arms around my shoulders, so I was so confused about what to do. I smiled and couldn’t say anything, but it was not easy.

She continued, “People came unexpectedly, but I said what I had to say firmly. This was at least controlled.

Source: Nate.

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