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NMIXX Lily, “I tried to practice without the member knowing… but got caught eventually” 

Lily, a member of the JYP girl group NMIXX, revealed the story behind her appearance on the TV program “King of Mask Singer”.

On the November 20th episode of the MBC program “King of Mask Singer”, the identity of “Donjjoom” was revealed to be NMIXX member Lily

nmixx lily masked singer

In the same episode, Lily removed her mask after being eliminated in the 2nd round. Upon seeing her face, Kim Seong Joo wondered, “Are you a Korean?”. Hearing this, Lily replied, “I’m mixed-race. My mother is Korean and my father is Australian. My nationality is both Korean and Australian.”

Kim Seong Joo then asked, “Lily is a member of JYP’s latest girl group NMIXX. Did you have a hard time preparing for ‘King of Mask Singer’ without the members knowing?”.

nmixx lily masked singer

Responding to this, Lily said, “We are active as a group, so I only had time to practice in the waiting room or car. They kept asking what I was doing when I was humming secretly”. The female idol then admitted that she was eventually caught by the members.

Kim Seung Joo also introduced Lily as “the same little lady who appeared on an audition program in 2014 at the age of 12 and fascinated Park Jin Young. From then on, she came to Korea alone to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

nmixx lily masked singer

Then, when asked if she faced difficulties while adjusting to Korea, Lily answered that she didn’t exactly know how to say hello when she first went to broadcasting stations. 

“I heard STAYC Sumin’s greeting of ‘Hi, I’m Sumin-ssi’. So I introduced myself by saying, ‘Hi, I’m Lily-ssi’. As it turns out, she was saying, ‘Hi, I’m STAYC’, and I misheard,” she confessed.  

Furthermore, Lily told Sam Hammington, who was at the celebrity judging panel, “My dad likes you a lot. Seeing you in person like this makes me feel more stable. I think I’m less nervous. I want to get close to you.” 

sumin stay c

In response, Sam Hammington expressed sympathy with Lily’s situation and said, “I know that feeling because I am of mixed race too. I have been living abroad for 20 years. I know how hard it is to be far from my hometown, so I always welcome you.”

Then, Kim Seong Joo asked Lily, “Do your parents in Australia know that you are appearing on ‘King of Mask Singer?”, to which Lily boasted, “I was keeping it a secret on purpose. I think they will like it a lot.”

nmixx lily masked singer

Finally, Lily showed her resolution about her future goal and expressed, “I aim to make people happier through my music, even just by a little.” 

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