NCT’s sub-unit is suspected of plagiarising BTS’s MV

2 of NCT’s most active units both received negative feedback or bad result today.

On the Jun 6th episode of M!Countdown with many comeback stages from TEEN TOP, CLC, WJSN, fromis_9, D-CRUNCH, ONEUS, Sandeul (B1A4). At the end of this episode, NCT 127 went up against Lee Hi for the trophy and lost to their opponent due to a low digital score.

Lee Hi won the M!Countdown trophy this week.

On the same day, another sub-unit of NCTNCT DREAM – also released a new track featuring HRVY – a British born-in-1999 male singer and dancer. This track is a part of the SM STATION 3 project which was started in November last year.

MV “Don’t Need Your Love” – NCT DREAM X HRVY

This track is a synth-pop with acoustic guitar beat to talk about a man who doesn’t need a long-lost love. In the MV, most scenes are filmed inside a school and all 5 members of NCT DREAM, as well as HRVY, belongs to a club called “Don’t Need Your Love” to get over the pain from their previous love.

The music is highly-appreciated due to its Western vibe. However, the MV confused many netizens because all 6 boys were wearing pink outfits with the background being their song name written on a neon sign which resembles BTS’s “Boy With Luv” MV.

“Don’t Need Your Love” MV of NCT DREAM X HRVY is suspected of copying…
…”Boy With Luv” MV of BTS

To defend for NCT DREAM, fan community confirmed that their MV isn’t a copycat because HRVY has went to South Korea at the end of February and only returned to the U.K in early March. The boys has filmed the MV at that time and by chance, some scenes are similar to that of BTS.

HRVY took photos with NCT DREAM in South Korean in February, filmed the MV then returned to his home country in early March.

Source: kenh14

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