B.I is officially sentenced to a probationary period of 4 years for purchasing and using drugs

In the previous first instance trial, the prosecutor requested a 3-year prison sentence for the former iKON member.

On September 10, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced B.I (Kim Han Bin) to a 4-year suspended prison sentence, a fine of 1.5 million won, 80 hours of community service, as well as 40 hours of drug education courses. If B.I commits any additional drug-related crimes within this probationary period, he will immediately serve 3 years in prison.

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Court records clearly show that B.I smoked marijuana 3 times in March ~ April 2016 and bought and used 10 pills of drugs, which is the hallucinogen LSD. 

This cannot be regarded as a crime based on simple curiosity,” the court stated. “And celebrities’ drug usage has a significant impact on society since it decreases public and teenage awareness of drugs.”

“However, the defendant had a sincere attitude. The defendant himself is the first offender, his parents are also committed to re-educating him, the surrounding social relationships of the accused, including the family, are well maintained.”

Thus, the former iKON leader has escaped the three-year jail term sought by the prosecutor in the previous first-instance court.

“I will spend time thinking on my faults and reflecting on my life,” B.I bowed his head after the trial, informing reporters. “I will strive to live life to the fullest in order to gain forgiveness from those who have been hurt as a result of my actions. Once again, I sincerely apologize to everyone.”

However, B.I did not answer questions related to his future music activities.

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