Korea’s Transition Committee considers transforming the Blue House into a cultural space to host K-pop and traditional music performances 

The Presidential Transition Committee is reviewing ways to revamp the Blue House into a space for various cultural events after the new government’s inauguration.

According to a report by KBC, with President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol preparing to take office, Korea’s Presidential Transition Committee is contemplating a new plan to make the Blue House completely open to the public and renovate it to create space for different cultural events, including K-pop performances and Korean traditional music, to take place.

Korea Blue House

The transition committee decided to turn the Blue House’s outdoor space into a performance, exhibition, and sports space, and develop courses so that the Green House could become a tourist destination for citizens.

Korea Blue House

The Korea Institute of Culture and Tourism predicts that the opening of the Blue House to the public is expected to generate at least 200 billion won in economic efficiency per year.

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