Agency, “Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana and Propofol? We’ll reveal our position after a lawyer is appointed”

Yoo Ah In’s agency will announce their stance on Yoo Ah In’s marijuana and Popofol test results through their lawyer.

On February 23rd, TV Chosun ‘News9’ reported, “It was confirmed that Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of taking drugs, received a ‘positive’ result in the test for Propofol, following the marijuana test. The police are investigating whether he has been administering it habitually or not”.

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According to reports, the police launched a search warrant on Yoo Ah In’s body at Incheon International Airport when he just returned to Korea on February 5th. In a urine test conducted right after then, marijuana components were found while Popofol was not detected. News9 said, “However, the National Forensic Service decided to carry out a precise examination of Yoo Ah In’s body hair and the actor also tested positive for Popofol”.

News9 stated, “Based on the result of the assessment and analysis of Yoo Ah In’s mobile phone data from the National Forensic Service, the police are investigating whether Yoo Ah In has been taking drugs habitually. After further investigations, Yoo Ah In will be summoned as a suspect.”

Yoo Ah In’s agency did not make any specific statement and only said, “When a lawyer is appointed, we will release our official position through the lawyer”.

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Earlier on February 6th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed that Yoo Ah In was found to have been habitually administering Propofol at several hospitals so he was booked for an investigation on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. In response, Yoo Ah In’s side said, “We will actively cooperate with all the related investigations and explain the problematic parts”.

Later, when Yoo Ah In was reported to have tested positive for marijuana, his agency said, “We have not received any report from the police about the test result of marijuana detection.”

Source: Nate

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