Actor Nam Joo-hyuk, who has recently become more famous through “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, confessed his worries about acting

Nam Joo-hyuk, who has emerged as a rising star, revealed his thoughts on acting.

On March 21st, Esquire released the cover and an interview with actor Nam Joo-hyuk, the ambassador of Dior Men.

Nam Joo-hyuk has stolen the hearts of female viewers with his appearance in tvN’s coming-of-age romantic comedy-drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, which recently achieved high ratings and hot topics. Sports Reporter Baek Yi-jin, played by Nam Joo-hyuk, graduated from the school where Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) is attending 4 years earlier and is a senior in the broadcasting club.

Nam Joo-hyuk

Especially on the day of the photoshoot and interview, when asked about his experience of confessing after Na Hee-do’s line “I have to have you” in episode 8 became viral, Nam Joo-hyuk replied, “I did that a lot when I was in kindergarten and elementary school”, adding, “I confessed if I liked someone, and there were times when someone liked me and asked me out. If you also like them you should say yes. The important thing is that you have to try to see if you can get anything”.

In this interview, Nam Joo-hyuk also talked about difficulties in acting. He said, “Since I have done a lot of youth dramas, I have become less motivated to show a different side of me. Therefore, I found acting more difficult when doing this drama”, adding, “By having many talks with the director and my fellow actors, we were able to help each other find the right answer”.

Nam Joo Hyuk

It is known that the atmosphere at the filming site of “Twenty-five Twenty-one” was really friendly. Regarding this, Nam Joo-hyuk shared, “I played table tennis and foot volleyball with other actors and staff. Even when I had lots of worries, the atmosphere at the filming set was really good, so I felt very comfortable when acting”.

When receiving compliments for his natural comic acting, the actor said, “I’m always wondering about how I can act without overdoing it”, adding, “I want to act naturally like how the river flows”.

More photoshoot photos and the interview of Nam Joo-hyuk can be found in the April issue of Esquire.


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