“Not one single work of hers has failed”, An actress whose every role is a success 

Kim Tae-ri’s filmography is attracting netizens’ attention.

On March 10th, on the online community Nate, a post titled ‘An actress whose works have never failed’ drew much attention. The original poster made a compilation of the productions Kim Tae-ri has participated in since her acting debut. 

Kim Tae-ri filmography

By the time she graduated from college, Kim Tae-ri joined the ‘Iru’ theater troupe and worked as a member of the backstage crew in her first year. In September 2012, she performed her first stage in the one-woman play “Spoonface Steinberg”.

She has since appeared in short films such as “Citizen Zombie” and “Yangpyeong Bicycle”. At the end of 2014, out of 1500 potential candidates, Kim Tae-ri was selected by director Park Chan-wook to star as one of the two female leads in the critically acclaimed film “The Handmaiden”.

In “The Handmaiden”, Kim Tae-ri brilliantly portrayed Sook-hee, an orphaned pickpocket who receives an offer from a con man and approaches a Japanese heiress to cheat her out of her fortune. Thanks to her excellent performance, Kim Tae-ri won Best New Actress at major domestic and foreign awards such as the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Director’s Cut Awards, and Asian Film Awards.

Kim Tae-ri filmography

The popularity of “The Handmaiden” later led to the 2017 theatrical release of “Moonyoung”, an independent film with Kim Tae-ri’s appearance in 2013.

Kim Tae-ri filmography

In 2017-2018, the films “1987”, “Little Forest” and the dramaMr. Sunshinewere released one after another, and all three became hits. 

Kim Tae-ri filmography

Kim Tae-ri won the Actress of the Year Award for her role in “Little Forest” at the Director’s Cut Awards, and also received a commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. At the 2019 Baeksang Arts Awards held the following year, she was nominated for Best Actress in TV for “Mr. Sunshine”.

Kim Tae-ri filmography

In 2019, she was cast in Korea’s first space science fiction film,Space Sweepers.” “Space Sweepers” was released on Netflix in May 2021 and topped the global Netflix movie rankings a day after its release.

Kim Tae-ri filmography
Kim Tae-ri filmography

In the first half of 2022, she took on the role of a fencing gold medalist Na Hee-do in the melodrama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” which has been well received with a 6.3% viewer rating from the first episode.

Kim Tae-ri

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