With Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri’s dating rumors resurfacing online, fans are showing warm support for the two 

Dating rumors of Song Joong-ki Kim Tae-ri are being raised once again by fans and netizens.

Rumors of a romantic relationship between actor Song Joong-ki and actress Kim Tae-ri once again spread in online communities.

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This is not the first time Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri have been rumored to be dating. In particular, fans doubted the two’s relationship several times when they appeared together in Netflix film “Space Sweepers” and showed extraordinary chemistry at the movie’s promotional events.

Song Joong-ki mentioned Kim Tae-ri at “Space Sweepers” open talk event held at the outdoor stage of the Cinema Center in Haeundae-gu, Busan in October last year. Kim Tae-ri could not attend the event that day.

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Recalling the time when they were filming “Space Sweepers”, Song Joong-ki said, “Jin Sun-kyu hyung complimented us a lot. His existence was actually like a bridge connecting everyone”. However, he suddenly said, “I miss Kim Tae-ri so much. I wish we had Kim Tae-ri here today”, drawing laughter.

Song Joong-ki continued his joke, saying “In fact, Jin Sun-kyu hyung is the person who stands in the middle and connects everything. That’s his charm. Our synergy was really good”, adding “But I still wish Kim Tae-ri was here”. 

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Kim Tae-ri also praised Song Joong-ki. In an interview related to “Space Sweepers” in February last year, the actress said, “Song Joong-ki made people around him feel comfortable. He comforted everyone and boosted the atmosphere at the filming set. As expected, he led everyone well as a ‘leading actor’”, adding “I used to call Song Joong-ki ‘senior’ and use honorifics while talking to him. But during the filming, I asked ‘Can I talk with you more comfortably?’ and we began to speak informally to each other”.

Not only did Kim Tae-ri and Song Joong-ki show perfect chemistry in the movie, but they also boasted close interactions on the set. That’s why their extraordinary friendship drew keen attention. In this situation, rumors of the two’s romantic relationship then arose when the “Paris eyewitness story” was reported.

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In addition, dating rumors surrounding Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri intensified as more moments of their “perfect chemistry” were discovered.

Netizens in online communities are showing support for the two’s romantic relationship. They commented, “I really hope the two are dating. They look nice and lovely together”, “If these dating rumors are true, I hope they even get married”, “Many people are watching and supporting the two actors hoping they would become a couple”, etc.

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Both Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri are preparing to return to the small screen. Song Joong-ki will be the main character, who plans revenge, in JTBC’s drama “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate”, which has been scheduled to air on November 18th. Meanwhile, Kim Tae-ri will greet the viewers as Goo San-young, who is studying for the civil service examination, in Kim Eun-hee’s new drama “The Demon” to be released on SBS.

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