This is the luxury resort in Nagoya, Japan where IU and Lee Jong Suk enjoyed their ‘2 nights 3 days’ Christmas date together

The resort in Japan where IU and Lee Jong Suk spent their recent Christmas holiday draws attention from netizens. 

Singer-actress IU and actor Lee Jong Suk recently publicized their romantic relationship. As soon as the dating rumor broke out on Dec 31st, both agencies confirmed that the two stars are lovers. 

Earlier on the same day, Dispatch reported that IU and Lee Jong Suk have been dating for 4 months and revealed that the two enjoyed their Christmas holiday together in Japan.

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According to this media outlet, IU and Lee Jong Suk stayed at Amanemu, a luxury resort in Nagoya, Japan for two nights and three days. IU’s younger brother also visited the place as he accompanied IU there.

Together with the romance of IU and Lee Jong Suk, many people are also showing interest in the accommodation where the two stars spent the Christmas. 

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Amanemu is known to be a private hotel that takes more than two hours to get there from Nagoya Station. The hotel also provides a car pickup service.

Looking at the exterior, the resort has a traditional Japanese vibe. Its private hot spring and large swimming pool also catch the eyes of netizens at once. 

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According to the lowest price can be found online, a night at this place is estimated to be around 2.5 million won. IU and Lee Jong Suk seem to have enjoyed their vacation by investing a little less than 10 million won for their stay of 2 nights and 3 days.

Seeing the interior and exterior of the hotel, Internet users commented, “If it’s really 2 million won per day, I also want to go there”, “The night view and hot spring are so pretty”, etc.

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