Jun Hyun Moo was surprised… An actress who made everyone smile with her easy-going acceptance speech

Actress Lee Se Hee, who left a strong impression through KBS2’s drama “Young Lady and Gentleman”, caused laughter with her unusual acceptance speech.

The 2022 KBS Drama Awards was held live at KBS Hall in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on Dec 31st, 2022 and was hosted by Jun Hyun Moo, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hye Ri.

Lee Se-hee

On this day, Lee Se Hee won “Popularity Award, Actress” and “Best Couple Award” thanks to KBS2′ drama “Bad Prosecutor“. She drew attention by showing off her honest yet easy-going charm.

When her name was called for “Popularity Award, Actress”, she covered her mouth in amazement. She then went on stage, and made everyone laugh as she was confused and did not know what to do. Unlike the calm acceptance speech of actress Jung Soo Jung, who received “Popularity Award, Actress” together with her, she delivered an acceptance speech that highlighted her cheerfulness.

Lee Se-hee
Lee Se-hee

She shared, “Thank you so much. I didn’t expect to receive this award. I was telling Kyung Soo next to me that I’m envious of the person who gets this award. I’m so puzzled because I’m the one who received it. Thank you so much. Uh, what is it?

Jun Hyun Moo, who was in charge of hosting, said, “It seems that you got unexpected feelings.

Lee Se-hee

Lee Se Hee went on to say, “Thank you so much. I think this award is the best. It’s really great. Isn’t it an award chosen by viewers? Thank you very much. Uh, what should I do? I won this award thanks to ‘Bad Prosecutor’. I think I received it thanks to the staff who worked hard together from summer to winter. I’m so grateful to the actors who were with me. Wow, I’m so thankful. Viewers, happy new year.

Lee Se-hee

Afterwards, she moved away from the microphone and sprained her feet as if the thrill had not gone away, causing even bigger laughter.

She also won “Best Couple Award” with actor Do Kyung Soo. She continued to boast her extraordinary sense of humor in her acceptance speech for “Best Couple Award”, bringing joy to her fellow actors.


Do Kyung Soo revealed their close relationship, “There was no romance at all. We only fought.

Lee Se Hee won “Best Couple Award” for 2 consecutive years. When asked about the secret to winning this award, she replied, “Viewers’ love? Where’s the camera? I have to make eye contact.” Jun Hyun Moo was surprised, saying, “I see a lot of Lee Se Hee’s unexpected charm today.

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