Hyeri: “I often cry at the moment of separation”

The pictorial and interview of Hyeri, who played Kang Ro-seo in the drama “Moonshine”, were released.

In the pictorial released on March 21st, Hyeri gave off a chic atmosphere while also showing her unique lovely charm.


In the interview, Hyeri said, “I often cry not only at the end of the drama but also at the moment of separation. However, after fully expressing my feelings, I don’t think there is much regret left. I let Ro-seo go because I’m confident that she would be living happily ever after.”


When asked about what looks new while acting, she revealed, “As I spend time with the character in the work, I get what I want from myself. I tend to try to see where the character has a good influence on me.” As Hyeri wrapped up the interview, she confessed, “I wish I could enjoy the last spring of my 20s and leave many memories. I want to stay healthy, diligent and prepare myself for my upcoming 30s.”

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